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    Hello all! It's been a while so let me fill all of you in on what is going on with The Vachons!
   If you check out many sites you will see we are wrestling all keep checking in..we may be in your town very soon!
1) Someone did hack into my e-mail account and tried to ruin my career..The police are handling it now, and they will be caught..enough said on that!
     I made my first appearance in a long time in Canada for World All Stars Wrestling in Nov. We were happy to work with this company and look forward to many more shows with them! 
    Speaking of Canada Damien and I made our return to Montreal 2 weeks ago when we wrestled for the AWA-CWA in Montreal. After one of the most brutal street fights seen by anyone in that my bloody mess I covered "The Asian Nightmare" Kwan Chang to find out on Jan 14th I have a huge night! GINO MARTINO and I will have another brutal match for his Brass Knux Title! Gino you and I have battled many times, and you may have gotten your hand raised in victory, but I still keep getting back up, and this time I don't care how much blood is spilled..I will leave with my hand raised, and you laying in blood!
 Damien and I have been wrestling throughout the east coast, and we couldn't be happier! We had a bad run of bad luck down in TN at the NWA-Convention when we lost the NWA-NE tag straps to Sonny Rosselli and Larry Huntley, but we are not worried..we'll get them back!
3) We ran the Olsens out of ECCW hahahahaha! All of you fans of those two are out of luck..we beat them down and left them laying in a casket, and proved why we are the most dominant team in ECCW, and if Johnny Nash and Mike Phoenix think they have a shot at taking our straps..they should just hang up their boots and give up now!
4) The Big Islanders want a shot at our RCW Tag titles..Makua and Kahoku..we have burned out your eyes before with fire, and we will do whatever we have to to keep our titles..go say your prayers, and eat your pineapples or whatever you eat..your in for a long night!
Keep Checking in!
The Beast